Magic of Colours

The documentary “Die Magie der Farben”(engl. Magic of colours) about the swiss artist Benno K. Zehnder will soon been released. I had to the opportunity to do the grading on this one and I am happy to present you some first impressions. The movie was done by the young production company Honey-Shots pictures&stories. Feel free to check out their website for more informations.


Nuke Workshop in Duesseldorf

This month I was being able to hold the first “node-based compositing with Nuke” workshop at the institute for music and media in duesseldorf. The institute is part of the Robert Schumann conservatoire which in conjunction with the university of applied sciences teaches audio and video engineering. The students are therefore able to achieve both a technical engineering degree as well as an artistic education in the fields of audio- and videoproductions. Being a graduate myself I am more than happy to help the students
develop their skills in  the field of computer graphics and digital compositing. The students were able to figure out Nukes node-based workflow very quickly and I am looking forward to seeing their first comps especially in context of the visual music module with Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling. I am sure this wasn´t the last workshop and I am also looking forward to teaching again at the institute.

For further information about the institute feel free to check out

Hardcore Grading!

Bazooka Zirkus one of the most exciting german hardcore bands these days are releasing their new album ” Der Gang vor die Hunde” next month. To get you in the mood you can already watch their new video “Straight outta Lützel”on youtube. The video was shot and directed by Andreas Simon, a talented young director from Duesseldorf, while I did the color grading and some effects. For more information you can go to and check out Andreas latest work.

Industrie Dschungel 3D stereoscopic short film

It´s been a while.. but it is on!
I am proud to finally present “Industrie Dschungel 3D” to the world. The stereoscopic short film is about a boy who discovers a secret place hidden behind a wall where his surroundings interact with the scruffy industry scenery. The movie was being done as an appendix to my diploma thesis “Analysis of structure from motion methods for stereoscopic camera-rigs in order to place computer generated imagery into live action footage”. The movie was actually being finished in summer 2012. But I wasn´t quite confident about the high amount of artifacts caused by the poor AVCHD Codec that was being captured by the camera. After several renderings and a final color correction the artifacts were way too prominent to maintain a proper stereoscopic viewing experience which is why I decided to denoise the plates as best as I could and also try to improve the shots as much as possible in a “short” amount of time. And while I am talking about grain and noise… what do you think? Should grain in stereoscopic movies be like:

  • A. diffuse
  • B. equal on both plates, which means it has a layer that can move in 3D space – or
  • C. on each element in 3D space (disparity map)

I tested many different settings and there will be an article about that topic in the next couple of days. But this is indeed something that can certainly define the look of a movie.

I also want to say thanks to the people who helped me with this movie and gave their support and their passion to create this movie with absolutely no budget. Thanks to all your kindness and support!

For a perfect viewing experience I recommend to watch the video on a fullHD Monitor with lineinterlaced polarisation with the 1080p setting on youtube. You can also watch it in anaglyph on youtube if you don´t have a stereoscopic monitor or on vimeo where you can find an anaglyph dubois version which has fewer ghosting issues.

Also… feel free to leave a comment! Cheers!

Upcoming Stereoscopic Release

I am very excited to release the stereoscopic short film ”Industrie Dschungel” in the next couple of weeks. Just as a reminder: The shooting for “Industrie Dschungel” was done last year as part of my Diploma thesis about stereoscopic matchmoving and postproduction for Visual FX. Since my thesis was only about the technical aspects and challenges of building a robust stereo pipeline between matchmoving, compositing and 3D it took me almost another year to finish the VFX shots for the movie. A few shot breakdowns of the the movie can already be  viewed in my VFX Demoreel which can be found under the ” My Work” tab.   In the near future I am also planning on publishing some tutorials or excerpts of my thesis on this site. So you should better have an eye on this site every once in a while. 

Work for Bungart & Bessler

This little animation was done for the great people of the agency Bungart & Bessler in Hamburg with support from Boris Kantzow. It´s simple: warm and humid air is being
converted to cold and dry air. The modelling and rendering was done in Maya with an Image Based Lighting Setup to get some nice anisotropic reflections while the animation was done directly in After effects.

Animation Luftkühlaggregat from Stefan Jaehner on Vimeo.