Nuke Workshop in Duesseldorf

This month I was being able to hold the first “node-based compositing with Nuke” workshop at the institute for music and media in duesseldorf. The institute is part of the Robert Schumann conservatoire which in conjunction with the university of applied sciences teaches audio and video engineering. The students are therefore able to achieve both a technical engineering degree as well as an artistic education in the fields of audio- and videoproductions. Being a graduate myself I am more than happy to help the students
develop their skills in  the field of computer graphics and digital compositing. The students were able to figure out Nukes node-based workflow very quickly and I am looking forward to seeing their first comps especially in context of the visual music module with Prof. Dr. Heike Sperling. I am sure this wasn´t the last workshop and I am also looking forward to teaching again at the institute.

For further information about the institute feel free to check out

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